Diversi-Tea Brochure 10-12-15

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1. Diversi - Tea 920 Clark Street Stevens Point, WI 54481 (715) 544 - 6308 judy@diversi - tea.com Visit us on the web: www.diversi - tea.com Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Your source for all things tea related. Tea pots to steepers, black teas, green teas, white teas, herbals and rooibos. While you are picking out that perfect tea don't forget to try a sample of our oils and vinegars. Olive Oils Extra Virgin Olive Oils Infused Olive Oils Spanish Signature Basil Chilean Arbequine Scallion California Mission Garlic Organic Roasted Chili Naturally Flavored EVOO Chipotle Sun Dried Tomato Rosemary Black Truffle Butter Persian Lime Blood Orange Smoked Hickory Meyer Lemon Sage & Onion Fused Olive Oils Tuscan Herb Herbs De Provence Balsamic Vinegars Modena 25 Star Balsamic Dark Balsamic Bordeaux Cherry Dark Balsamic Pecan Praline Dark Balsamic Hickory Dark Balsamic Cranberry Walnut Dark Balsamic Cranberry Orange Dark Balsamic Strawberry Dark Balsamic Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Chocolate Dark Balsamic Blueberry Dark Balsamic Raspberry Dark Balsamic Maple White Balsamic Green Apple White Balsamic Orange Mango Passion Fruit White Balsamic Garlic Cilantro White Balsamic Jalapeño Lime White Balsamic Pear White Balsamic Peach White Balsamic Mandarin Orange White Balsamic Apricot White Balsamic Raspberry Ginger White Balsamic Pumpkin Spice *Products carried are subject to change* Pear Spice Organic White Tea Blueberry White Tranquility Herbal Teas Montana Gold Honey Vanilla Nectar Organic Honeybush Red Berries White Chocolate Coconut Latte Caramel Macchiato Tranquility Raspberry Mint Hibiscus Punch Egyptian Chamomile Lemon Grass Egg - Citing Pacific Mega Mint Point Evening Blend Blood Orange Tisane Yerba Mate Herbal Sunset Peachy Peony Teas for Good Health Vata (Air Balancing) Kapha Pitta (Fire) Energize Me Tulsi Orange Ginger Chai of Sri Lanka Organic Relaxation Stress Blocker Buddha's Meditation Cold Chaser Digestive Helper Tummy Tamer Herbs for Men Herbs for Women Miscellaneous Oils Avocado Oil Vinegars Lambrusco Honey Vinegar with Serrano Chili

2. Almond Cookie Clouds & Mist Green Walnut Green Tea Moroccan Mint Enchanted Berry Sencha Bancha Bangkok Tropical Green Organic Green Tea Oolong Hazelnut Vanilla Oolong Huang jin gui Brandy Oolong Orange Blossom Imperial Oolong Oolong Orange Brûlée Oriental Beauty Oolong Dong Ding Oolong Rhubarb Oolong Coconut Oolong Blue Beauty Rooibos Kung Fu Berry Rooibos Cherry Blossom Rooibos Lady Red Rooibos Campfire Rooibos Caramel Mate Caribbean Fruit Rooibos Sea Salt Caramel Rooibos Yuzu Berry Rooibos Chocolate Mole Rooibos Persimmon Gelato Rooibos Lemon Soufflé Chocolate Safari White Dulce Blanco Honeybell Orange Blossom White Angel Whispering Angel Himalaya White Tea Strawberry Seduction Teas: . Raw rock sugar Orange peel Orange rock sugar Lemon rock sugar Black Earl Grey White Tip Early Grey a la Cream Earl Grey Organic Tahitian Earl Grey Decaf Earl Grey Kenyan Black Kenyan Black with Lemon Vanilla Citrus Decaf Vanilla Ceylon - Lumbini Estate Keemun Golden Monkey Superior Darjeeling London High Tea Irish Breakfast Superior China OP Deluded Iced Tea Decaf English Breakfast Morning Blend Decaf Chai Super Seven Cherry Cola Cake Pineapple Coconut Black Current Orange Vanilla White Chocolate Banana Split Country Breakfast with Bacon Raspberry Cream Chocolate Raspberry Apple Dumpling Malted Millionaire Lichee Dark Rose Cinn - O - Bun Chocolate Peanut Butter Berry Blue Black Chai Americaine Butterfly Kisses Darjeeling Daybreak Sun Moon Lake Hot Cinnamon Spice Earl Grey Supreme Scottish Morn Scottish Afternoon Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice Decaf Assam Diamond Jubilee Cranberry Autumn Paris Capri Soho Blend Viennese Early Grey Vanilla Comoro Decaf Irish Breakfast Chocolate Mint Big Red Sun Decaf Paris Chai Masala UVA Highlands Black and Green Tea Ginger Peach Cherry Iced Tea Mid Summers Night Pu'erh Chocolate Covered Strawberries Chocolate Pu'erh Puer Tuo Cha Shou Pu'erh Strawberry Mango Green Genmaicha Holy Hojicha Jasmine Green Tea Champagne and Berries Cranberry Green Tea Citrus Vanilla Spring Cup Cake Lung Ching Dragon Well Sundew Green Tea


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